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In addition to wardrobes for adults and shared dressing rooms, there is a childrens closet system in the house. It can be one piece of furniture or a whole separate dressing room designed to store children’s things and accessories. The size, functionality, and other features of the children’s wardrobe depend on where it is located and what exactly is planned to be stored in it. Also, cabinets in the nursery must be selected according to the age of the child, so that it is convenient for him to use them.


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If the dimensions of the children’s room allow you to fit a closet or a whole dressing room in it, then you need to take advantage of this. Firstly, this is an additional storage space, and secondly, a great opportunity to teach a child to order. A closet for kids room should be cozy, roomy, and practical. If you plan to use the closet by adults, then the lower part of it should be designed for the child so that it is convenient for him to use it.

Kids room closet can be bright, stylish, or made in a discreet design. Thematic drawings can be depicted on it if the whole room has a certain style. In Toronto, high-quality and durable custom-made children’s furniture is produced by Alliance Millwork.

Types of child’s closet

Wardrobes for children are distinguished by a variety of options, namely:

  • closet;
  • open;
  • wardrobe system.

A versatile and practical option for a nursery is a sliding wardrobe. This is a large, closed space, in which, as a rule, a convenient arrangement of shelves, and drawers. The colorful design of such a cabinet will make it unique and themed. If a child is a teenager, then a kids room walk in closet can be a practical storage space.

If the size of the room allows you to introduce a wardrobe system into it, then you can store not only things in it but also any other accessories that the child may need for his needs.

What do children keep in their closets?

The age of the child and his tastes affect what he can store in his dressing room. If the closet is closed, then it usually contains daily and seasonal items, bed linen, room textiles, and toys.
A kids room open closet involves storing stationery, decor, and books. Combination wardrobes that have both indoor and outdoor space are a great solution for older kids. Such furniture allows you to fit all the clothes inside the closet, and leave something visually attractive in open places. This contributes to the fact that the child has a sense of taste. Also, the presence of a closet in the room disciplines and allows the child to decide for himself what and in what order to store.

Where to order a child’s closet in Toronto?

Any kids room small closet can accommodate a huge wardrobe system if there is such a need. Whatever the choice of the customer, Alliance Millwork, a professionally engaged in the design and manufacture of custom-made furniture, will help to fulfill any requirements.

Depending on the goals, the client chooses a wardrobe for a children’s room, and a professional takes into account all the nuances in it, and designs and subsequently manufactures furniture. The company works only with high-quality and practical materials and guarantees long-term operation. Together with the customer, such a design and filling of the cabinet is selected so that they are comfortable and practical for children and their parents. Specialists are responsible for the installation of the cabinet and putting it into operation only after checking the design on site.

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What are some important factors to consider when designing a closet for a child's room?

When designing a closet for a child’s room, it is important to consider their age and storage needs. Make sure the closet is at a height that is accessible for the child, and consider installing adjustable shelving and hanging rods that can be modified as they grow. Incorporate fun and colorful elements to make the closet appealing to kids.

What are some organization tips for a child's closet?

Some organization tips for a child’s closet include using storage solutions like baskets and bins to keep small items organized, sorting clothing by category, and labeling shelves or drawers with pictures or words to help kids easily find what they need. Encouraging kids to regularly declutter and donate items they no longer wear can also help keep the closet organized.

How do I choose the right materials for a kid's closet?

When choosing materials for a kid’s closet, consider durability and ease of cleaning. Materials like laminate, melamine, or painted wood can be wiped down easily and withstand wear and tear. You can also choose finishes like bright colors or patterns to add a playful touch.

How can I make a small closet work for a child's room?

To make a small closet work for a child’s room, use vertical space with shelves and hanging organizers. Install adjustable shelving and hanging rods to maximize space, and consider adding hooks or over-the-door organizers for additional storage. Use slimline hangers to create more room, and choose bright or patterned finishes to add visual interest.

How can I make a kid's closet grow with them?

To make a kid’s closet grow with them, choose adjustable shelving and hanging rods that can be modified as they grow. Consider adding storage solutions like a dresser or cubbies that can be used for toys or books as they get older. Choose finishes and colors that can easily transition from a child’s room to a teenager’s room.

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