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A modern house cannot be imagined without a spacious, bright dressing room. It is called a part of the room or a separate room with special cabinets designed to store things and other accessories. The size, content, and features of the dressing room directly depend on what size it is and what is planned to be stored in it. A custom reach in closet is a place where all the owner’s belongings are placed, ranging from daily wear to seasonal ones.


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Roman Itskovich

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A practical, comfortable, and roomy ready-made dressing room is a rarity because such furniture is best made to order. Alliance Millwork is doing this in Toronto. The list of services of the company includes the production of comfortable wardrobes or separate dressing rooms. Modern reach in closet is distinguished by the client’s choice of content according to their requirements.

Custom-made furniture has one main plus – the customer has the right to choose the size, shape, and material for it, based on the capabilities of the company that manufactures it. The dressing room can be absolutely any size and height that the client needs. A wardrobe can also be a single wardrobe with spacious shelves and drawers.

Advantages of reach in closet systems

The presence of a wardrobe in the house significantly frees up space in it and allows you to store things in their places. The main advantages of the dressing room:

  • a clear area for storing things;
  • place for changing clothes;
  • contains bedding and textiles;
  • design solution.

In addition to the fact that reach in closets is convenient, they can complement the interior of the room. With their help, you can easily get rid of free corners, and walls. A properly equipped dressing room will be an excellent place for storage, and the ability to change clothes without loading the main sleeping area. In the end, in the dressing room, you can collect all unnecessary things, seasonal clothes and fold them until they are needed.

What materials are used in the modern reach-in closet?

Modern wardrobes are made from different materials depending on the preferences and capabilities of the customer. High-quality, versatile, and budget wardrobes can be made from MDF. This material forms the basis of the entire structure, and it will be supplemented by chipboard, wood, glass, mirror, and metal for fasteners. Such material allows you to carry out various design solutions with you, so you can make a dressing room for absolutely any client.

All closet reach in Alliance Millwork is made from high-quality, reliable materials, so its furniture is highly durable. If necessary, specialists create unique projects using natural wood for cabinets or other unique materials.

Where to order a reach in closets in Toronto?

The well-known company Alliance Millwork makes unique and professional closet systems reach in Toronto. The staff of the company includes professional designers and furniture makers who can produce good furniture in a short time. Dressing rooms are included in the list of furniture subject to the company, so experts offer different ideas for wardrobe cabinets and systems in general.

You can contact the company for help by phone, after discussing all the details with the manager. At the same stage, a preliminary estimate for the work will be created. Then the specialist will arrive at the facility, where measurements will be made and the details of the dressing room will be clarified. Representatives of the company are also involved in the installation of furniture.

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How can I maximize the storage space in my reach-in closet?

To maximize the storage space in a reach-in closet, use vertical space with shelves and hanging organizers, and install hooks or racks on the back of the door. Use slimline hangers to create more room, and consider adding drawers or pull-out bins for extra storage.

What are the best types of doors for reach-in closets?

The best types of doors for reach-in closets depend on your personal preferences and the design of your space. Sliding doors save space and provide a modern look, while hinged doors offer a traditional look and can be customized with different materials and finishes.

How do I choose the right lighting for my reach-in closet?

The right lighting for a reach-in closet should be bright enough to see clothing and accessories clearly. Consider installing overhead lighting, task lighting, or even a motion-sensor light. LED lights can also be installed in shelves or under hanging rods for a stylish touch.

What are some creative storage solutions for a reach-in closet?

Some creative storage solutions for a reach-in closet include using hanging organizers for shoes and purses, installing a pull-out ironing board or valet rod, and using drawer dividers to keep small items organized. You can also use slimline hangers to save space and maximize hanging storage.

How can I make my reach-in closet look more stylish?

To make a reach-in closet look more stylish, consider adding wallpaper or a statement paint color to the back wall. Choose decorative hardware for drawers and cabinets, and display your favorite accessories or shoes on shelves. Add a rug or seating for a cozy and inviting feel.

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