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The presence of a dressing room in the house is practical, convenient, and modern. A dressing room is considered a special place for storing things of the owners, ranging from daily use to seasonal clothes. It is very difficult to find a dressing room in finished form so that it fits in size and content. That is why many people prefer to have a custom made walk in closet made according to individual requirements.


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Between the dressing room and the closet, there is a significant difference in the form of dimensions, but they are united by the fact that this is the main storage space. Each customer chooses for himself the type of dressing room that suits him. The most popular and practical is considered a closed walk in closet. It can be both a place of storage and dressing. This is a small room that stores things and does not interfere with the design of the house. The customer chooses the filling and cabinets for the dressing room following what he plans to store in it.

The corner walk in closet is also often used in modern design, combining practicality and style. This placement of the dressing room does not require the length of the entire wall, and its capacity can be quite decent.

Types of modern walk in closet

The variety of dressing rooms is impressive, so the client can choose the option that will become functional and practical for him. Dressing rooms can be of the following types:

  • open and closed;
  • corner;
  • built-in;
  • sliding.

The type of dressing room is selected depending on the place intended for it and what is planned to be stored in it. Regular open and closed wardrobes are designed to store things. The built-in wardrobe can be either in the form of a closet hidden in the wall or a separate room.

A sliding walk in closet is considered the most modern. It is presented in the form of a room, the entrance to which is possible through sliding doors. For clothing lovers, this type of dressing room is a real dream.

Materials for a walk in closet systems

The dressing room and each cabinet/shelf can be made from different materials. It all depends on the budget that the customer has. Even though natural wood is considered the most expensive material, it is used most often. The budget option is MDF, as the basis for the frame for the dressing room. This material involves different types of processing for a suitable decor.

Auxiliary material is metal, plastic, glass, and mirror. Metal (usually steel and aluminum) fasteners and a profile are used for the strength of the structure. Glass and mirrors are used for decoration or underlie the doors of the dressing room. An open walk in closet can be without doors, so it is based only on wooden materials.

Where to order walk in closets in Toronto?

Alliance Millwork is a renowned wood furniture manufacturer in Toronto. The company’s specialists are engaged in designing and manufacturing various furniture. Wood walk in closet is included in the range of furniture that the company is ready to produce. The company’s professionals will not only manufacture but also participate in developing the necessary dressing room.

Placing an order in the company is carried out as follows: you need to contact the manager, wait for the team to leave for measurements, and resolve issues related to payment and installation of the dressing room. The company specializes in custom-made furniture and guarantees quick completion of work. The company employs only professionals in their field who work using only high-quality materials and equipment.

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What are the different types of walk-in closets?

The different types of walk-in closets include reach-in walk-ins, L-shaped walk-ins, U-shaped walk-ins, and walk-ins with islands. The type of walk-in closet you choose will depend on the size and shape of your space and your storage needs.

How can I organize a walk-in closet for two people?

To organize a walk-in closet for two people, consider dividing the space into separate zones for each person. Install separate hanging rods, shelving units, and drawers on each side of the closet. Use baskets and bins to keep small items organized, and consider adding a central island or seating area to maximize space.

How do I choose the right lighting for my walk-in closet?

The right lighting for a walk-in closet should be bright enough to see clothing and accessories clearly. Consider installing overhead lighting, task lighting, or even a motion-sensor light. LED lights can also be installed in shelves or under hanging rods for a stylish touch.

How can I make the most of a small walk-in closet?

To make the most of a small walk-in closet, use vertical space with shelves and hanging organizers. Use slimline hangers to create more room, and consider adding drawers or pull-out bins for extra storage. Use mirrored doors to create the illusion of more space.

How do I choose the right finishes for my walk-in closet?

The right finishes for your walk-in closet depend on your personal preferences and the design of your space. Consider materials like hardwood, laminate, or melamine for shelves and cabinets, and choose finishes like glass or mirrored doors to add depth and visual interest. You can also choose a color scheme that reflects your personal style.

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