elegant storage solutions

We offer complete storage systems for your living and working space. We offer custom cabinetry and storage for your your home and office. Whether it’s a renovation project, a new house or a condominium, our team will customize your living space to optimize the ergonomics and aesthetics. We’ll help you free up floor space and make it easier to maneuver around the room.

Wall units have been one of the most overlooked solutions for storage optimization for a long time. In case you’re struggling to maintain order when it comes down to storing clothes, media, or utility, then you might want to consider incorporating a wall unit into your living space. 


Alliance Millwork Vaughan creates gorgeous custom bathrooms using elegantly designed, intelligent and modern cabinetry. 



Crafted to fit nearly any space, our wall units offer versatile and stylish design, for your home theatre, display cabinet, wardrobe, or library. 



Beautiful and well-designed laundry rooms makes the entire family function better and might actually make your enjoy do the laundry.



We create gorgeous custom bathrooms using elegantly designed, and modern cabinetry. We offer custom-made vanities, cabinets, and storage to help make your bathroom beautiful and functional.



Combine style and function into  your custom-built media center. At Alliance Millwork we offer custom, built-in cabinetry, shelving, and lighting that will be in prefect harmony with the rest of the living space.


WE design, manufacture and installs custom office desks, cabinets and storage to meet the many demands of the new work world. We’ll create an exclusive work environment for your home office.


Why us?


One of the main reasons why we have such a loyal and satisfied client base is because of our guarantees. After all, no one would put their trust as well as money in something they aren’t sure about. That’s an obstacle we easily got through thanks to the quality of our work as well as the experience of our team. If you choose us, you can rest assured that we will do everything it takes to build a high-quality walk-in closet that will last for decades.


One of the first things many people worry about is the overall cost of a particular project. While these endeavors aren’t cheap at all, there is still room for affordability without compromising the quality and functionality of the design. In fact, that’s one of the things we’re particularly good at – designing a walk-in closet that is both budget-friendly and of high quality.


The high-quality of our service is probably the thing we’re most proud of. The members of our team come from different backgrounds, but they are unanimous over one thing – quality of their work. While the aesthetic appeal, as well as functionality, plays a big role in our craftsmanship, the sheer quality of one’s work is the thing that determines how long you’re going to be enjoying in your new walk-in closet.


There is no use in designing a project and executing it poorly because the lack of quality becomes apparent quickly which consequently leads to company reputation issues. That’s why we always make sure to engage in a project with 100% dedication and thorough planning as it’s the best method for staying relevant and appreciated in this business.


To get in touch with us or to get a quote for a new estimation. Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

To get in touch with us or to get a quote for a new estimation. Please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.