Kitchen has always been a special place at home. It’s a space where we eat, cook but we also fill it with those special moments in between cooking and eating – talks, smiles and happy time with friends and close ones. Are those not enough reasons to create a very special kitchen design that would inspire, fuel and cozy you up?

Kitchen interior design trends of 2018-2019 are leaning towards simplicity and functionality, with no excessive patterns or decorative elements. Natural materials are still on top of demand. Another important aspect of the contemporary kitchen design is functionality. The task here is to make the best use of space to make it comfortable for everybody, easy to navigate and find appliances.


Color solutions play an important role as well. Firstly, the color should resonate with the overall interior of the house and be a natural part of it. Secondly, modern kitchen means minimum of what you really need and maximum space.

Every year we, in Alliance Millwork follow the Pantone Color Institute’s trend issues. According to a new guide through hottest colors of the year, interior designs of the year will be shaped by the following colors:

In 2019 the burning trend is light color palettes with no bright accents. Such tendencies reflect eco-mindset and don’t distract you. We’re talking grey, beige, creamy and milky shades combined with darker chocolate colors. 

Calm color palettes may also be combined with lilac, blue, green and other shades. Those colors go well if they’re applied to very small elements – such as pottery, lightbulbs etc.


When it comes to materials, one of the main trends of 2018-2019 is ecological surfaces such as wood, marble, metal, ceramics. In our opinion, whitened wood looks especially glamorous. Feel free to browse through these inspirations for your own kitchen design ideas.

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IF you’re looking to remodel or completely change the way your kitchen, bathroom, or closet looks, we offer an easy solution. We have a team that consists of highly trained experts who have thousands of hours of experience in designing and building custom kitchens and cabinets in Toronto and GTA.