Custom Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in Toronto

Transitional custom kitchens.

When the question of repair in the kitchen arises, a person also asks the following: to buy ready-made kitchen furniture or to make it to order. Of course, the second option is better if a person is not limited in time and has a certain budget. You can make a kitchen redooring to order by contacting the experts in this case. In this case, the client receives an individual approach to the repair, the choice of materials, regulates the cost due to them, selects the colors and arrangement of furniture. In time, custom-made kitchens are made longer, but in the end, a person gets what he wanted, and does not take what is offered to him.


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Roman Itskovich

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Steps in Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets

Repairs in the kitchen can be cosmetic, restoration or major. It may also require only refacing kitchen cabinets, but in general, the design of the room and other elements suit the client. For such minor repairs, the method of facing kitchen cabinets is used.

Kitchen furniture can be made from different materials, but modern experts have already learned how to repair and update any of them. Basically, cladding is done on kitchen facades. Especially often it is practiced on MDF cabinets. This is a fairly budget option for kitchen furniture, which allows you to make cabinets in any style and color. If the cabinet is made of natural wood, then the cladding is done by repainting and, if necessary, changing the texture.

Successful kitchen cabinet restoration is already a significant part of the work done in the repair. The cabinets in the kitchen are being repaired step by step:

  • preparation of the cabinet and removal of the old cladding;
  • washing and drying;
  • repair or replacement of broken parts;
  • adjusting the new cladding to size;
  • applying or gluing new material;
  • correction and trimming of unnecessary elements.

Always the total refacing kitchen cabinets cost depends on how much time, materials was spent on this process. The older the furniture and the more broken parts in it, the more expensive its restoration..

The Benefits of Refacing Kitchen Cabinet

For anyone who wants to quickly, easily and relatively inexpensively repair kitchen furniture, kitchen cabinet refinish is suitable, and not its complete replacement. Making a completely custom-made kitchen is quite a costly and long-term business, and you can quickly update kitchen facades and give the room freshness with cladding. Simple, comfortable and selectable furniture cladding guarantees a novelty in any kitchen.

Why Work with Alliance Millwork for Cabinet Refacing?

Alliance Millwork employs professionals who deal with kitchen renovations. Specialists will help the client to think over a high-quality, budget repair to restore kitchen furniture cases. The company has an affordable kitchen cabinet refacing price, a guarantee for the work performed and the shortest possible time for its completion. As a result, the client receives his old furniture in a new design, repaired and ready for long-term operation.

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What is the difference between cabinet refacing and cabinet painting?

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the cabinet doors, drawers, and hardware while leaving the cabinet boxes intact and covering them with a matching veneer. Cabinet painting, on the other hand, involves painting the existing cabinets.

Can I add new cabinets during a kitchen cabinet refacing project?

Yes, you can add new cabinets during a kitchen cabinet refacing project. However, this will increase the cost of the project.

How long does the veneer used in cabinet refacing last?

The veneer used in cabinet refacing typically lasts for several years. However, its lifespan can be extended with proper care and maintenance.

What are the benefits of choosing cabinet refacing over cabinet replacement?

Cabinet refacing is more affordable than cabinet replacement and can give your kitchen a brand new look without the hassle of a full renovation. It is also more environmentally friendly since it reduces the amount of waste generated from the project.

Can I install new hardware during a kitchen cabinet refacing project?

Yes, you can install new hardware during a kitchen cabinet refacing project. This is a great way to update the look of your cabinets and add a personal touch to your kitchen.

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