Custom Corner Kitchen

Custom Corner Kitchen in Toronto

The corner kitchen is a popular solution for spacious kitchens

The corner kitchen is a popular solution for spacious kitchens and dining rooms. Despite this, professional furniture companies can adapt corner units for kitchen cabinets and small spaces.

Kitchens of this type are a suite that is located along two or even three walls, forming one or two corners when assembled.

Such solutions are more expensive than a conventional headset due to the set of components and additional elements. At the same time, they are several times more functional, since they provide more opportunities for placing functional elements, surfaces, and cabinets. For example, a sink in a corner kitchen has more placement options than a simple set.

It is precisely because of the functionality and additional solutions that kitchens of this type are in demand among most families.


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Ideas on Corner Kitchen

Outer corner kitchen cabinets can be used in any way the client wishes or the designer intended. Corner space, with proper design, can not only unload the rest of the room but also add more opportunities to the kitchen.

There can be a huge number of ideas: from simply installing a food storage box to integrating hidden appliances (even a refrigerator) into a corner. It all depends on the total area of ​​the room and the design solution, which is based on the preferences and wishes of the client.

Types of cabinets for Corner Kitchen

Cabinets in a corner-type headset do not differ much from a straight kitchen. Since the headset itself consists of similar elements and the differences are only in the corner components.

Corners are rarely used due to their shape, so it is logical to use them rationally and functionally. When installing a cabinet in a corner, you get an additional 0.5 cubic meters of usable space that you can use for personal purposes.

Corner kitchen cabinets come in two basic types: top and bottom (or floor). Each of them has several subcategories with their characteristics.

Top type corner piece kitchen cabinets:

  • Triangular options. Classic triangular element for a headset. Easy to assemble and operate. Inside, there can be several shelves for food, utensils, or storage of equipment.
  • In the form of a trapezoid. A versatile solution for many designs and apartments. The design of the trapezoid allows you to fit it both into a Hi-tech style set and into minimalistic, concise variations.
  • Radial. A non-trivial solution due to the shape of the door. It is angular, as in the previous model, but has rounded shapes. With a proper selection of kitchen design, such a cabinet can look advantageous and unusual.
  • L-shaped cabinets. A simple and familiar solution. Such options are found in a large number of apartments and houses. Simple and reliable, functional, and easy to install. Very often, an accordion door is installed as a door.

Lower sections:

  • The lower case is the floor. Inside corner kitchen cabinets of this kind, you can place both functional drawers with a set of stands, sections, and shelves, or leave space for storing something.
  • The cabinet under the sink. Situational decision due to the location of the sewerage system. At the same time, sink cabinets are often used to locate the filtration system. Under the sink in the corner is an external water filter system that turns tap water into purified drinking water.
  • Under technique. Some solutions seem non-obvious but effective. Some designers use corner space to integrate a dishwasher or oven.

Advantages of ordering Corner Kitchen at Alliance Millwork

Design and customer solution is only part of the job. The main responsibility lies with the performer. It is from him that the service life, the quality of materials, and the assembly of furniture will depend.

Our company has been creating unique furniture for several years, both according to its projects and those of customers. Thanks to modern equipment and a high-precision furniture production system, Alliance specialists can bring to life the most daring and non-trivial concepts.

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How can I maximize storage space in my corner kitchen cabinet?

You can maximize storage space in your corner kitchen cabinet by using pull-out shelves or organizers, installing a lazy Susan or a swing-out pantry, or opting for corner drawers instead of traditional cabinets.

Are corner kitchen cabinets more expensive than standard cabinets?

Corner kitchen cabinets can be more expensive than standard cabinets due to their specialized design and additional materials required for construction. However, the cost can vary depending on the manufacturer and the materials used.

What are some common problems with corner kitchen cabinets?

Common problems with corner kitchen cabinets include difficulty accessing the back of the cabinet, awkward or inefficient storage, and inadequate lighting. However, these problems can be mitigated with the right design and accessories.

How can I add lighting to my corner kitchen cabinet?

You can add lighting to your corner kitchen cabinet by installing under-cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, or LED strip lights. This can improve visibility and make it easier to find items stored in the cabinet.

Can corner kitchen cabinets be used as a pantry?

Yes, corner kitchen cabinets can be used as a pantry to store food items and kitchen supplies. Many manufacturers offer pantry-specific designs that feature pull-out shelves, organizers, and adjustable heights to maximize storage space.

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