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Of modern style kitchen at Alliance Millwork

The kitchen is not just a location in the house where the family gathers for breakfast or dinner. Beautiful modern kitchens have become a place where you can relax, sit comfortably with friends, enjoy music, and home comfort. That is why it is very important to think over its design in advance and trust the manufacturer to professionals.

Before choosing kitchen furniture, you need to find a professional furniture company. After all, it will implement visualizations of designers. And in Toronto, there is the undisputed leader in this industry – ALLIANCE.


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Michelle Wong

Michelle Wong

Very professional and clean work!

After getting several quotes, we decided to hire Alliance Millwork to manufacture and install the walk-in closet at our new home. We are very happy with beautiful and functional closet.

Varieties of modern kitchen cabinets

Cabinets, like modern kitchen units, can take many forms. They are made to order, depending on the architecture of the room and its dimensions. The following modules can be used for the kitchen:

  • Wall cabinets;
  • Case-pencil case;
  • Corner module;
  • Boxes are functional;
  • Cabinets for hidden appliances (dishwashers, ovens, washing machines);
  • Cabinets with drawers.

What materials are used to produce modern kitchens?

Due to the abundance of different designs and interior solutions, materials for kitchens and suites are similar: modern, high-quality, durable, and reliable.

Modern kitchen cabinets are a whole complex of compartments and ergonomic drawers, they consist of a frame, work surfaces, drawers, and doors. Each element has its production materials and options.

Frame. This component is hidden from view but plays an important role. It is the basis of the whole structure. The durability, strength, and reliability of the entire system depend on its quality.

Wear-resistant wood materials are used for manufacturing: MDF or chipboard, multiplex. At the request of the client, a modern luxury kitchen can be equipped with a frame made of natural wood.

Front and work surfaces. Often use MDF boards for painting or enamel-coated boards. They are easy to use and easy to care for. They are easy to wash and wipe. Technologies allow you to choose any color and type of coating: gloss, matte, metallic, or mother-of-pearl. The material allows you to realize the rounding of the surface and get rid of unnecessary corners in the design.

MDF board covered with PVC film – simple and inexpensive options for furniture. At low cost, they have a good service life and wear resistance. Not recommended for use near sinks and ovens.

Modern wood kitchen. It is presented in 2 versions: cheaper and premium. The cheaper one consists of a wooden frame and an MDF interior. But a kitchen made entirely of wood is a premium option. It is environmentally friendly, durable, and looks very expensive and elegant while requiring special care for surfaces. Also, wood has some restrictions on the forms of furniture, its structure, and its color palette.

Plastic facades. Very popular for their durability and ease of maintenance. Plastic facades allow you to implement unique design solutions: from color to furniture shape.

Facade with the aluminum profile. Such a modern style kitchen fell in love with designers, because it makes it possible to use glass in the design (frosted, transparent, textured).

Advantages of ordering modern style kitchen at Alliance Millwork

Our company is engaged in the creation of furniture and kitchen sets at a professional level. Our portfolio includes dozens of ready-made solutions and completed projects, from small apartments to large private houses and cottages.

Furniture and its elements are created on modern, high-precision equipment, which allows even unique orders to be completed faster than others. A wide range of materials, coatings, and attractive pricing has made us a leader in Toronto.

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What are the defining characteristics of a modern kitchen?

A modern kitchen is characterized by sleek and minimalist design, clean lines, and the use of high-tech materials and appliances. It often features a monochromatic color scheme with bold accents.

What types of materials are commonly used in modern kitchen design?

Common materials used in modern kitchen design include stainless steel, glass, concrete, and natural stone. These materials give a sleek, polished appearance to the kitchen.

Can a modern kitchen design be customized to fit a specific style or preference?

Yes, a modern kitchen design can be customized to fit a specific style or preference. While the design typically features a minimalist approach, it can be adapted to incorporate personal touches, such as unique lighting fixtures or artwork.

What types of lighting are commonly used in modern kitchens?

Modern kitchens often feature recessed lighting, track lighting, or pendant lighting. These types of lighting create a bright and well-lit space, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

Is it possible to incorporate sustainable materials in a modern kitchen design?

Yes, sustainable materials can be used in modern kitchen design, such as bamboo or reclaimed wood for cabinetry or countertops. Energy-efficient appliances and lighting can also be used to create an environmentally friendly and sustainable kitchen.

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