Custom Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Tall Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto

Transitional custom kitchens.

The classic and modern style of the kitchen practices the use of not only standard furniture. In addition to the usual floor and wall cabinets, a tall kitchen cabinet is considered an excellent place to store or hide various kinds of equipment. To make it practical, but at the same time fit well into the overall interior, it is important to choose its height, color, and material. It is best to assemble a tall kitchen hutch cabinet to order to think through its features to the smallest detail.


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Benefits of tall modern kitchen cabinets

First of all, to use tall kitchen drawers or tall kitchen drawers, the client must understand why he needs them. This solution is optimal for storing items and equipment that are not needed every day. The main advantages of high cabinets:

  • adds height to the wall and improves the design of the kitchen;
  • efficient use of space (you can store anything behind a closed cabinet door);
  • complete image of the room (no unnecessary space between the wall cabinet and the ceiling).

Always tall unit kitchen should be equipped so that the owner can easily get items from the closet under the ceiling. Having tall cabinets in the kitchen, you should get a stepladder. It is also important to consider what to store on the upper shelves so as not to constantly jump up the stairs.

In Toronto, customers are increasingly turning to custom-made furniture rather than buying ready-made furniture. Modern companies, such as Alliance Millwork, guarantee the customer high-quality, beautiful, practical kitchen furniture. This company also deals with high cabinets for the kitchen, selecting them for the finished room or including them in the overall design project. Today, extra tall kitchen cabinets are used as closed storage space. Depending on the width and occupancy of the cabinet (shelves, pull-out structures, doors), the objects and equipment that it can hide also vary. As an interior element, a tall cabinet can become a feature of the kitchen if you focus on it.

Types of tall kitchen cabinets for storage

To use extra tall kitchen wall units, you need to know about their varieties. Such cabinets can be:

  • whole;
  • under the ceiling;
  • hinged;
  • with and without shelves.

The type of cabinet is selected depending on the future purpose of its use. A wardrobe under the ceiling often looks advantageous in the interior, but its occupancy should be taken into account. High shelves are much more difficult to reach, so they should be used as a place to store unnecessary things and items.

Quite often, tall cabinets include space for small or built-in appliances, as well as additional shelves. This solution is optimal for small kitchens in which there is no way to openly install an oven, microwave, or other appliances.

Where is it profitable to order tall kitchen cabinets in Toronto?

Alliance Millwork will be able to manufacture and install a tall kitchen storage cabinet with doors. This firm is a leading specialist in custom-made kitchen furniture and has been helping customers for a long time. Anyone can contact the physical office of the company or call the number to order the service. Employees of the company will accept the application as soon as possible and help the client. Together with designers and other professionals of the company, the customer will create a unique design for the kitchen, in which it is necessary to introduce a tall kitchen cabinet. Further, the company undertakes to manufacture a cabinet at the set time, and then, by agreement, mount it on site.

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Can tall kitchen cabinets be used as a pantry?

Yes, tall kitchen cabinets are often used as pantries to store dry goods, canned goods, and other food items. Some manufacturers even offer pantry-specific designs with pull-out shelves and organizers.

What are some design options for tall kitchen cabinets?

Tall kitchen cabinets come in a variety of design options, including traditional, modern, rustic, and farmhouse styles. They can also be finished with different materials and colors, such as natural wood, painted finishes, or glass doors.

How do I install a tall kitchen cabinet?

Installing a tall kitchen cabinet can be a complex process that involves measuring, leveling, and securing the cabinet to the wall. It is recommended to hire a professional installer or consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Can tall kitchen cabinets be used to hide appliances?

Yes, tall kitchen cabinets can be designed to hide appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves. This can create a seamless look in the kitchen and maximize storage space.

Are tall kitchen cabinets more expensive than standard cabinets?

Yes, tall kitchen cabinets are generally more expensive than standard cabinets due to their larger size and additional materials required for construction. However, the cost can vary depending on the manufacturer and the materials used.

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