7 Kitchen Island Ideas for Your Home

Kitchen islands come in various designs and sizes, so there’s a fit for every type of space, whether it’s a farmhouse kitchen or a modern one. Kitchen Islands are becoming much more than their names imply. They’re no longer an “island” designated solely for food preparation. They have now become the hub of kitchen life, making use of that empty, middle space in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to renovate an old island or to install a brand new one, here are ten of the top trends for kitchen islands that will give your kitchen a whole new look.

Even the smallest kitchen island has the potential to offer many uses. When considering small kitchen island ideas, select an island that has the seven following abilities:

Extra Counter Prep Space

From prepping meals quicker to practical storage, a small kitchen island adds functionality to compact cooking space. Your kitchen island takes up roughly one-fifth of your kitchen space, so don’t let it be a waste of space. A freestanding island can provide useful space and seating while looking modern, spacious, and updated. If your kitchen doesn’t have a large enough food preparation area, then an island could be the answer to add extra countertop space.

Not all islands are created equal

Your island will be most beneficial to you when keeping your needs in mind. Do you like to bake? Do you need extra storage? Depending on how you use the kitchen, different countertop materials, designs, and features are recommended. If the kids like to do their homework in the kitchen, a two-tier, multi-level island is a great option. You can help them with assignments while cooking dinner at the same time.

Small Stainless Steel Chef’s Table

If you’re an avid chef or baker, a kitchen island with a stainless steel countertop can be the kitchen addition you’ve been looking for. Waterproof, heatproof, and stain-proof, stainless steel is the perfect material on which to prepare a wide variety of culinary creations with minimal cleanup afterward. Plus, its sleek, reflective surface can make your kitchen appear larger and brighter. A kitchen island with a stainless steel top is a great choice for a contemporary or industrial kitchen design.

Furniture Styling

Giving an island furniture-like details makes it feel even more like its own little hub of activity separate from the functional cabinets around it. Even an existing island can get an upgrade by putting legs or feet on the exterior. You’ll want to add leg detailing before painting to have the finish match perfectly.

Pop of Color

The central island will be the focal point of your kitchen, so it’s the best place of any to use countertop material with high impact. If you’re going this route, think marble, granite, or recycled glass. Also, consider features that will add visual appeal and extra benefits. One tone kitchens can look very one-dimensional. Help your island to stand out as a focal point by painting the cabinets with a bold color not found anywhere else in your kitchen, like a brilliant red or blue.

Take Advantage of Closed Storage Space

In addition to providing extra countertop space, a kitchen island equipped with numerous drawers, cabinets, or shelves can greatly boost your kitchen’s storage capacity. A kitchen island with closed storage units, like the one above, is perfect for storing kitchen accessories and cookware that you don’t want out in the open.

Make the Most of Open Shelving

Kitchen islands with closed storage units might not be right for every kitchen – in a particularly small, bright, or airy kitchen, a hefty kitchen island can overwhelm the space. Instead, think about installing a kitchen island with exposed storage space. It can provide just as much utility without overpowering the room. A kitchen island with open shelving is an excellent place to put your stylish dinnerware or recipe books on display.

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