How to Make Your Kitchen Brighter

Your kitchen is your place of inspiration and creativity — it’s the space you use to be imaginative, to take risks, to try new things. It’s difficult to feel that adventurous rush to dream up recipes and try out new things if your surroundings are dim and uninspiring.

In an ideal world, we’d all be blessed with huge, magazine-worthy kitchens with windows and natural light galore. In reality, we do the best with what we have and sometimes that means using every trick in the book to add some brightness to darker cooking spaces.

Use Light Colors

Use a light color palette to create a light kitchen decor. Paint the walls a light hue, such as soft tan, creamy white or buttercup yellow, to help reflect the light in the room and give the entire space a light-filled backdrop. If the kitchen cabinets are dark wood and not in the best condition, prime and paint them with white paint. White kitchen cabinets are timeless. In addition, dark, outdated countertops can easily be changed into lighter varieties by applying a faux granite finish to them. Faux countertop kits are found at most big-box hardware stores, and their cost is minimal compared to adding real granite or other types of stone materials.

The Right Lighting Fixtures Make a World of Difference

Incorporate myriad lighting fixtures into the bright kitchen design. Use under-the-cabinet lights to illuminate dark countertop areas. These specialty fixtures provide much-needed light to the countertop surfaces. Hang a series of three pendant fixtures over a large island area to add light and serve as a focal point at the same time. Canned ceiling lights are an additional choice for particularly dark kitchens to brighten the walls, cabinets and countertops. Place a table lamp on a countertop to increase ambient

Install Decorative Mirrors

Add a mirror to reflect light and serve as a decorative accent at the same time. Hang a large mirror on the wall next to a kitchen dining nook to give the space a feeling to depth and help reflect the natural light in the room. Add a mirror to a sink area with no window to instantly brighten the space and give it added dimension. Coordinate the mirror frames with the colors and style of the room for best visual appeal.

Add Colourful Accessories

Accent the kitchen with brightly coloured accessories to add a final touch of brightness to the decor. Display a group of vintage aprons on a peg shelf to add color to the space. Showcase a collection of brightly hued dishes in an open cabinet or hang colored plates on a soffit area to add light, height and design to the kitchen. Finally, hang several bright paintings or color photographs on a display wall.

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