What’s the Best Kitchen Countertop Material?

Repair in the kitchen is always the longest because you have to select new materials and equipment for the room. A special role in the repair is played by a new kitchen set, the selection of which determines the quality and durability of the operation of the entire kitchen. Alliance Millwork can become an excellent assistant in matters of selection, installation, and guarantee of a kitchen renovation.

For the kitchen countertop material to fit perfectly into the interior, and also to serve the customer for a long time and reliably, you need to know for what purposes repairs are being carried out in the kitchen. If for the owner it is necessary as a design solution that fits into the overall style of the room, then the materials for the kitchen can be simpler and cheaper. If the kitchen is planned for daily cooking, cleaning, and its full operation, it is recommended to choose high-quality, wear-resistant materials.

Kitchen Countertop Appearance

Customers are always interested in the highest quality of the kitchen and the comfort of its use. The countertop is an important element of any kitchen, which is essentially a work surface for various kitchen chores. Customers try to choose counter top materials so that they are durable, resistant to mechanical actions, and at the same time fit well with the interior. Wide, narrow, stone, plastic, and other types of countertops have a place to be in kitchens of various types.

Pros and Cons of the Top Kitchen Counter Surfaces

In modern kitchens, different countertop options are selected, which would match the color, and materials of kitchen furniture, and also be suitable for use. Specialists now install and customize countertops to any customer’s requirements. The main advantage of a high-quality countertop is that it is convenient to work on it, it simultaneously performs the role of a work surface and the functions of an ordinary table.


A popular solution today is a granite countertop. It is often made in one piece, according to the dimensions required by the customer. The color of granite varies from the usual dark gray to artificial light tones.


Kitchen countertop options designs often use soapstone as the base material. The result is a beautiful, durable, easy-to-care, medium-sized countertop.


 Today, one of the most popular types of countertop material is a marble. Depending on the manufacturer, the cost per linear meter for the production of the desired countertop is very different. Proper and timely care of the stone guarantees the durability and original appearance of the countertop.

Quartz (Engineered Stone)

Stone, as a material for countertops, is always solid, but expensive. You can reduce the cost of the kitchen if you use the best countertop material — quartz. It gives the most similar appearance to a real stone, but it costs several times cheaper.

Ceramic tile

Modern types of countertop materials in kitchens use ceramic tiles. It’s a cute, inexpensive, but not exactly comfortable choice. Depending on the size of the tiles, and they are never too large, the countertop consists of several tiles. The seams of the tiles are overwritten, washed off, and dirty over time, and the countertop loses its appearance, requiring updates or repairs.

Solid Surface

Acrylic and hard, non-porous minerals are the countertop material options for a budget. The hard surface is often used in kitchens, ensuring that the pattern on the surface is preserved, without visible seams, and looks like a stone countertop.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel as an option for the kitchen surface is now quite relevant. This material is not afraid of high temperatures, perfectly washes, and fits into any interior. Stainless steel is actively used in kitchens with a large flow of work because it is as practical as possible. Its only drawback is visible scratches, but they can be removed by polishing.


One of the types of material for the kitchen countertop can be made by hand. Such a modern solution will allow you to create a unique kitchen design without spending a large amount on it. It is important to properly process the already solidified solution, and cover it with a protective layer so that the countertop serves for a long time and does not deteriorate under mechanical stress. As a rule, concrete countertops are always gray shades.


Laminate countertops have a place in the kitchen, but not as a work surface. Laminate is used for kitchen and dining tables, then covered with a protective material so that moisture and mechanical stress do not affect the appearance.

Budget-friendly Kitchen Countertops

 The cost of a kitchen always directly depends on the price of countertop materials. Sometimes it is the most expensive element of the kitchen and the customer begins to doubt whether he made the right choice. In order not to worry about the high cost of the kitchen, you should immediately abandon the materials for the countertops, such as stone, marble, and even quartz. Modern technologies make it possible to make high-quality, interesting, and budget-friendly kitchens from artificial materials. So, the cheapest countertops are possible from:

  • metal,
  • tiles,
  • and hard surfaces.

Designers will fit any of the budget materials into the interior of the kitchen so that it becomes its highlight. It is easier and cheaper for installers to work with budget material. Cheap countertops don’t always look worse or have a special cleaning approach. Choosing a countertop is important not only in terms of pricing, but also to consider how to deal with it in the future, whether it will require updating or whether it will have to be completely replaced. Monolithic surfaces are always more expensive than partial ones.

The most expensive countertops

For many modern customers, the best kitchen countertops are stone. Natural, deep, strong materials look expensive and prestigious. But when purchasing such a countertop, it is important to consider the size of the kitchen surface and the design of the room. The creation, installation, and maintenance of stone countertops are always the most expensive. Requires special equipment and environmental materials to clean stone countertops.

Although stone is an expensive material for the kitchen, it is used to create the most durable countertops. For example, granite produces durable, strong, and beautiful surfaces, but requires careful maintenance. The lighter the countertop, the fewer scratches and traces of use are visible on it.

What is the most durable material for kitchen countertops?

Experts offer the best kitchen countertop material in terms of durability and strength — granite. Any stone countertop is already a strong element, but granite is superior to any variety of stone. Many symbioses of materials are used to create a granite countertop, but it is best when it is just natural processed granite.

Natural granite allows you to create different types of countertops, and all of them will be equally strong and durable. Granite is a dense, practical, environmentally friendly stone. When choosing a granite countertop, the company’s specialists discuss with the customer all the requirements and preferences. The countertop is made to match the overall design of the kitchen (the color is selected), taking into account which of its surfaces will be open and actively used, where it is necessary to cut cuts or install appliances. This approach allows you to properly install the countertop and subsequently easier to care for it.

What is the easiest countertop to maintain?

Even the best countertops made from expensive materials require constant maintenance. The better it is to clean and rub the countertop, the longer it will last and remain of high quality. Depending on the materials, the care of countertops varies. You can remove them like this:

  • regularly wipe the surface with a damp cloth (without the addition of chemicals and alcohol);
  • use special materials for a particular type of countertop (soap, shampoo, aerosol);
  • do not use aggressive chemicals or for other purposes.

The easiest care is required for stainless steel countertops, tiles, and artificial materials. The lightly soapy solution must be thoroughly rinsed — and as a result, the surface is clean. Any countertop material options will not tolerate metal or coarse brushes, as well as strong stain and rust removers. To remove contaminants quickly, you need to do it promptly. Daily washing with chemicals is discouraged, but removing fresh grease, water stains, and other contaminants will avoid rough washing in the future.

Here’s How to Pick the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen

The first thing the client should do is to countertop materials compared. The company’s specialists will talk about all the pros and cons of each type of countertop. Be sure the customer looks at the cost to decide which countertop is invested in his repair budget. If there are no restrictions and you want a beautiful, solid, durable countertop, then the stone will perfectly fulfill its role. The criteria for choosing the types of countertops for kitchen are:

  • price;
  • quality;
  • conditions of care;
  • design;
  • dimensions and weight;
  • durability;
  • possibility of updating.

If the client doubts his choice, then Allience Millwork specialists will guide him and help him quickly determine the appropriate countertop.

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