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White Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

A light or completely white kitchen is a modern solution that is practical in terms of design. The kitchen countertop ideas with white cabinets are realized by absolutely any. The white color is universal, it is possible to match it with dark or colored elements, which will create the texture of the kitchen design. Alliance Millwork specializes in kitchens and will help each client create a unique, practical kitchen interior.

Choosing countertops for white kitchens is a rather complicated process. The client, together with the designers, thinks through each element of the suite and the room as a whole, so that against their background the countertop does not stand out much, but becomes a highlight.

Countertop Materials for White Kitchen Cabinet Designs

The customer chooses a countertop for white cabinets so that it fits the overall interior, and is comfortable and durable. The countertop is a difficult element of the kitchen and it will not be possible to quickly replace or install a new one. That is why the selection of good material for her is important.

Granite countertops

One of the strongest, high-quality, strict, and durable. With granite, you can make beautiful white cabinets black countertops, or even light ones, and they will look equally expensive. Such material has a high cost and is practiced in large kitchens with a design solution.

High-end laminate

A good option to quickly and inexpensively install a countertop is a laminate. Good material, covered with a protective layer, has a fairly long service life. Most often, countertops for white kitchen cabinets laminate come in beige, brown, or gray shades.

Quartz countertops

Quartz countertops are quite durable and a pretty option. It must be remembered that he is afraid of heating over 200 degrees, as well as falling metal and too heavy objects on him.

Corian countertops

Artificial acrylic stone Corian is often used as a material for kitchen countertops. With it, you get a white kitchen with white countertops or black ones. Wear-resistant material, easy to maintain, and much cheaper than natural stone.

Countertops Made of Concrete

This version of the countertop requires work on-site so that the material hardens well and can be processed in time and prepared for use. Quite a budget version of the countertop, which you can do yourself.

Marble countertop

White cabinets with white countertops from marble are the dream of any housewife in the kitchen. The price of marble is high and depends on the thickness and size of the countertop. Such material serves for a long time with proper care (regular washing, rubbing, and care with high-quality detergent).

Wood Countertops

A classic, the price of which depends on the type of wood and the desired volume. Always white cabinets with wood countertops fit perfectly into the design of any kitchen. The operation of such a countertop is required to be economical (do not use sharp objects, do not wash with aggressive substances).

What Color Countertops Go Best with White Cabinets?

A white kitchen is, in principle, a universal option and allows you to choose any countertop. It all depends on what accents and on what the customer wants to place. If the highlight is directly in the working surface of the kitchen, then it would be optimal to choose black granite countertops with white cabinets. If this material is too expensive, then it can be replaced with cheaper artificial counterparts. Modern countertops can be of the following colors:

  • black,
  • white,
  • brown or wood effect,
  • bright palette;
  • grey.

First of all, attention is drawn to the countertop, so it should be unique, and interesting, but also functional for the owner.

Get Dark Countertops

Before ordering a dark countertop, the client should familiarize himself with its main advantages and disadvantages. A white kitchen with black countertops is always spectacular and solid. Such a kitchen does not require additional decoration with dark elements, because all attention is already shifted to a dark countertop. But with dark countertops, the question of good care for them arises. On dark surfaces, there are stains, traces of dishes, fingerprints, streaks, and poor-quality cleaning visible.

Depending on the material of a dark countertop, cuts, scratches, and scuffs can become very visible over time. All this is corrected by professional means. If the client wants to constantly see the dark surface clean, then he must be ready for its high-quality cleaning and rubbing.

Bright and light countertops

If the option of classic countertops does not suit the customer, then you can try bright colors and unusual materials. A bright countertop with a white kitchen is the accent of the design. It does not require additional design solutions and decoration. A bright countertop will never work out of natural stone, and this is not necessary. This kind of work surface is made of tiles, laminate, and artificial wood.

Bold Color Countertops

When white cabinets dark countertops are not the ultimate dream, then you can try a bright design in the kitchen. Often bright countertops are created from artificial materials so as not to spoil the grandeur and beauty of natural stone or marble. Colored countertops require no less careful care than plain or dark ones. They must be cleaned in time without chemicals. It is important to know what material the countertop is made of so as not to damage not only the top bright layer but also its base.

The option of a bright kitchen, although interesting, is not entirely practical. Specialists will select all the necessary materials so that the operation of such a kitchen does not bring discomfort.

Stylish Gray

Recently, kitchen designs have used gray shades on cabinets, countertops, and other elements. Many people like the combination of white cabinets grey countertops, the main thing is that the materials for them are of high quality and durable. The gray countertop can be made of the following materials:

  • natural stone (granite, marble);
  • quartz;
  • wood;
  • concrete.

In some cases, the gray color is natural due to the material itself, in others it is derived artificially. The gray countertop washes pretty quickly, it rarely shows drops or stains. Polishing gray countertops are necessary if they are stone.

Other Countertop Style Considerations

In addition to color and material, the style of the countertop is determined by its thickness and shape. Not every material can be adjusted to a particular thickness. For example, tiles have a standard thickness and cannot be increased. Shape, roundness, and thickness vary in stone countertops. It is always handmade and specialists can make a tabletop that is exclusive in style.

The modern design of the kitchen allows you to make various elements so that its operation is simplified. These include hidden sockets, switches, and niches. All of this can be designed on the countertop, given its material and shape.

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