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2023 Bedroom Closet Trends

Your bedroom may be the most important room in your home, but your closets can make or break how you feel about living there. Anyone who’s ever spent 20 minutes looking for a particular pair of sweater understands that a bad closet can make you want to list your home. Closets are a big deal. If you want to be in your current place for the long haul, consider getting a functional trendy closet. When you create an on-trend space, you’ll fall in love more with your home. Here are six trends to consider:

Minimalist Appeal

You can apply minimalist to any part of life, but a minimalist closet is the easiest place to start. Having more clothes often means we enjoy them less. We have a full closet, yet nothing to wear. Minimalists subscribe to the idea that by owning less, we free up the time, energy, and money to get the most out of life.

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Multi-Use Spaces

This trend is huge. And, it’s also convenient. As bedrooms are shrinking in size, homebuyers are looking to closets for their sole source of clothing storage. Big bulky bedroom dressers are being replaced by drawers and accessories inside the closet so homebuyers can maximize the little space they have. Finding the right storage system to accommodate your homebuyers’ wants and needs can be quite the task.

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Statement Hardware 

Incorporating texture is hugely important in closet projects and this year it will steal even more of the spotlight. Since dressing rooms are often neutral tone-heavy, enlivening them with texture — whether, through a wall treatment, island material or drawer handles, as a few examples — adds a welcome layered and dynamic design detail.

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Sustainable Materials 

The fourth most desired feature is a closet made with sustainable materials, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Things are slowly starting to change for the better on a large scale, though much more needs to be done. Sustainable furniture is made from materials that have certain characteristics. These materials may be recycled or re-purposed. Anything that is made from materials that had previously been used for something else and are then reused in the making of new furniture.

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Whites & Neutrals

Neutrals have long been trending for homes. That won’t surprise you. We’re seeing today’s bedrooms take on a spa-like quality and that’s a vibe we can get behind. Crisp white walls are a must. Neutral bedding and furniture are a great complement or you can go monochromatic with white on white.

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Platform Beds with Storage

The low-bed, no box spring trend is ultra-chic. Platform beds often have a mid-century modern appeal, but they also come in industrial versions, rustic styles, and more. Built-in storage keeps your sleep space tidy and frees up room in your closet and dressers.

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