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Everyone dreams of having the perfect bedroom in their home. You can create it only by making furniture to order when all the conditions and preferences of the client are taken into account. In addition to the bed, an important piece of furniture in the bedroom is the closet. This is a great place to store small items, bed linen, which do not fit into the design of the room and cannot be freely placed in the bedroom every day. To make the closet for a bedroom an integral element of the interior and be as functional as possible, it can be made by specialists to order, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.


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Closet systems for bedroom

Today, the design of each bedroom is so diverse and interesting that it is rather difficult to choose a ready-made wardrobe for it. In this case, custom cabinets come to the rescue, which is made according to exact measurements, from the necessary materials, and in the form in which the client needs them. Custom made bedroom closets always differ in design solutions, and have unusual shapes and materials.

For a bedroom, a closet should serve not only as a highlight in the interior but also as a functional storage place. The client, together with the manufacturer, clearly thinks over the filling of the cabinet so that it is convenient to store various things in it. When the project is ready on the computer, it is transferred to processing and the process of manufacturing parts for the future comfortable wardrobe begins.
wooden bedroom closet

What kind of closets for the bedroom?

Modern bedrooms provide maximum simplicity in the interior, comfort, and conciseness. This also applies to cabinets that are installed in rooms for convenient storage. Depending on the size, shape, and materials that can be used:

  • corner bedroom closet;
  • closet;
  • combined;
  • built-in;
  • ordinary wooden with swinging doors.

The facades and the shape of the closet are primarily chosen for the design of the bedroom and each piece of furniture. It depends on the size of the room and whether the cabinet will be protruding or built into the wall. If the size of the bedroom allows, then the closet can be made high, to the ceiling, of good depth, and with swinging doors. This option is well suited for vintage style. Modern bedroom design welcomes conventional wardrobes with minimal decoration on doors and fronts. Usually, this is a wardrobe with a natural wood color or with a plain coating, as well as with mirrored doors. A mirror always visually enlarges the space in a room. An open closet bedroom is a rarity because such a place does not provide open storage.

What materials are used to make bedroom closets?

The main material used to make wardrobes in the bedroom is wood or MDF. Of these, as a rule, a frame for a cabinet, and shelves are formed. Chipboard can be used as a back wall in budget cabinets. Auxiliary materials from which the bedroom wall closet is made are glass, mirror, plastic, and metal. The higher the quality of the material for the cabinet, the stronger the whole structure will be, and the furniture will last as long as possible.
bedroom closet systems

Advantages of wooden closets for the bedroom

Wooden closets are a popular choice for bedrooms due to their numerous advantages. One of the primary benefits of wooden closets is their durability. Wood is a sturdy and long-lasting material that can withstand daily wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for furniture that is used frequently. Additionally, wooden closets are relatively low maintenance, as they require minimal upkeep to keep them looking good as new.

Another advantage of wooden closets is their aesthetic appeal. Wood is a timeless material that adds warmth and character to any space. With a wide range of wood types and finishes available, wooden closets can be customized to match any decor style, from traditional to contemporary. Furthermore, wooden closets are often considered an investment piece, as their classic design ensures they will remain in style for years to come, making them a wise choice for those looking for long-term furniture solutions for their bedrooms.

Where to order a bedroom closet system in Toronto?

A bedroom wood closet is expertly crafted in Toronto by Alliance Millwork. The company’s specialists are experienced experts, thanks to which the customer will receive high-quality, durable, and beautiful bedroom furniture. After submitting an application by phone or on the company’s website, a specialist visits the place within the agreed time, takes measurements, and transfers the order for manufacturing.

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What is the best way to organize a small bedroom closet?

The best way to organize a small bedroom closet is to maximize the use of vertical space with shelving and hanging organizers. Use storage solutions like baskets and bins to keep small items in order, and try to keep only the essentials in the closet.

How do I choose the right hangers for my closet?

The right hangers for your closet depend on the type of clothing you are hanging. For delicate items like silk and cashmere, choose padded hangers. For heavy items like coats and suits, choose sturdy wooden hangers. For regular clothing, plastic or velvet hangers work well.

What are some creative storage solutions for a bedroom closet?

Some creative storage solutions for a bedroom closet include using over-the-door organizers, hanging shoe racks, pull-out bins, and adjustable shelving. You can also repurpose items like baskets and magazine holders for storage.

How can I make my closet feel more spacious?

To make your closet feel more spacious, start by decluttering and removing any items you no longer need. Use uniform hangers to create a more streamlined look, and install lighting to brighten up the space. You can also add mirrors to create the illusion of more space.

What are some tips for organizing a shared bedroom closet?

Some tips for organizing a shared bedroom closet include dividing the space equally, using separate hanging rods and shelves for each person, and labeling baskets and bins with names. You can also try color-coding items to make it easier to keep track of whose items are whose.

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