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Kids Closet

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What works for adults in terms of interior design doesn’t necessarily translate when it comes to kids’ rooms. The functional and aesthetic requirements of kids’ rooms vary vastly from those of adults. It is a well-known fact that a wardrobe or a closet is one of the most important aspects of a bedroom. The design of kids’ closets has to be immensely different from that of adults, as even their storage needs are different. We at Alliance Millwork boast a team of designers who can design the perfect closet for your child’s room.

Kids Closet Ideas

Kids grow by leaps and bounds. As a parent, you need to consider this fact while designing their room. As far as kids’ closets are concerned, they should be built in such a way that they do not become obsolete merely after a few years. Here are a few kids’ closet ideas to consider.

Adjustable shelves

One of the best things about having adjustable shelves in children’s closets is that they can be rearranged as per the kid’s height, guaranteeing accessibility. For instance, when your kid is still small, you can use the lower shelves in the closet to store toys and everyday clothes. Once the kid becomes taller, the shelves can be adjusted in a way to be able to store more clothes and accessories as there is less storage space requirement for toys.

Cubbies are always a great addition to kids closets

Irrespective of the kid’s age, there’s always something that can be stored in cubbies. From toys and plushies to sports paraphernalia, all these items can be tucked away inside cubbies. What’s more? Cubbies keep these items hidden from sight, ensuring that the kid’s closet stays neat and organized at all times.

Features That Make Kids Closets Functional

Adjustable shelves and rods

Adjustable shelves and rods are integral parts of a kid’s closet. A generic approach doesn’t always work when it comes to closets since each family’s requirement differs from the other. Adjustable shelves and rods make your life easier by giving you flexibility in terms of storage space.

Ample storage space

Closets without ample storage space is a gigantic waste of money. Children accumulate things over time, from clothes and shoes to toys and books. A well-designed kids’ closet should provide ample storage space for all their belongings, with designated areas for different items.

Kid-friendly design

Imagine how disastrous it would be if the design of a kid’s closet was not kid-friendly at all. Our designers at Alliance Millwork go all out to ensure that the design and the build of the closet are compatible for kids of all ages. What’s more? We know that kids love everything visually appealing. Hence, we always make sure to incorporate designs that are eye-catching for the kids.

Safety features

The importance of childproofing cannot be overstated. As with any other element in your child’s bedroom, childproofing is crucial even when it comes to designing a kid’s closet. An ideal kid-friendly closet would have no sharp edges and boast a stable construction to prevent untoward accidents.


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Roman Itskovich

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  • ✅ How can I make the most of a small kids closet?

    Using storage solutions like organizers and adjustable shelving helps a great deal in making the most out of kids' closets with limited space. Using vertical space with the help of hanging rods and hooks is also a great way to maximize the space in a children’s closet.

  • ✅ What are some creative ideas for organizing a kid's closet?

    Using colour-coded hangers for different types of clothing helps children keep their closets more organized. You can even label shelves and bins in such a way that it’s easier for your kid to easily find what they are looking for.

  • ✅ Are custom kid’s closets better than the generic ones?

    Yes. The need for customization and personalization is immense, especially when it comes to something as specific as a closet for kids. Each kid is different from the other and so are their storage needs. When you work with Alliance Millwork to build an ideal closet for kids, you can leave everything to us and be stress-free. Our end-to-end seamless service ensures that you get the closet you always dreamt of without any hassle. Our closets are capable of elevating the setting of your kid’s room to the next level.

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