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Custom Transitional Kitchens

Transitional Kitchens in Toronto

Transitional custom kitchens.

The transitional style of the kitchen is one of the most popular over the past year according to the statistics of contractors and kitchen furniture manufacturers. Today, transitional kitchen design incorporates traditional elements, but is also characterized by simplicity and lightness. Such kitchens most often use geometry in details and furniture, not loaded with bright colors and decorative elements. Simplicity, functionality, freshness and naturalness are the main criteria for transitional cuisines.


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Making transitional style kitchens

Often transitional kitchens are called temporary because they do not have a pronounced style and fullness. In Toronto, more and more customers are choosing this type of kitchen design, which is quite easy to make out for repairs. Owners of houses in which the kitchen is combined with a room, hallway or other rooms use a transitional style. It does not focus on the fact that the kitchen is completely different from another zone in the same space and allows you to combine several zones in the same style.

You can make a good transitional-style kitchen renovation using design options from specialists or looking at options on the net. The transitional style is such that it does not allow you to focus on one design, but at the same time it can include elements of different styles. Always beautiful transitional kitchens are obtained like this:

  • minimalism in furniture;
  • natural materials;
  • geometry in furniture, apron, countertop;
  • light colors.

The main example of a kitchen with a transitional style is light walls and kitchen cabinets, white and light gray appliances, preferably a white stone or maximum wooden countertop and dark legs and base of tables, lower kitchen cabinets.

transitional style kitchen cabinetsFeatures of transitional style kitchens

An absolutely luxury transitional kitchen is obtained, given the basic nuances of this style. Its first and main feature is purity and freshness. According to the design project, the kitchen should be as free from various appliances and decor as possible. The countertop and work surface can accommodate some small items (decorative jars, small appliances), but there should not be large parts.

The second feature is geometry. It is used on walls (medium or large tiles), clear cabinet corners. Natural wood, as a material for a wardrobe, perfectly emphasizes the geometry (trunk cut) and naturalness in style.

The third feature is the floor, which is recommended to be made of stone or wood and covered with wax. All surfaces should give a sheen and a clean feel. It is then that the modern transitional kitchen displays its style to the maximum.

Why order a transitional style kitchen with us

Alliance Millwork specializes in kitchens of any style and complexity. Even such an unusual design as a transitional one can be easily performed by specialists for the client. The company designs and manufactures not only complete kitchen design, but also separate transitional kitchen cabinets. Experts guarantee the quality and reliability of cooperation.

beautiful transitional kitchens

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  • ✅ How does a transitional kitchen differ from a traditional kitchen?

    A transitional kitchen combines elements of traditional and modern design, while a traditional kitchen leans more heavily on classic design elements.

  • ✅ Can I mix different types of wood in a transitional kitchen?

    Yes, mixing different types of wood can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in a transitional kitchen. Just be sure to choose wood finishes that complement each other.

  • ✅ How can I incorporate texture in a transitional kitchen?

    You can incorporate texture in a transitional kitchen by using a mix of materials, such as wood, stone, and metal. Textured wallpaper or a patterned backsplash can also add visual interest.

  • ✅ Is it possible to create a cohesive look in a transitional kitchen with different metal finishes?

    Yes, you can create a cohesive look in a transitional kitchen with different metal finishes. Just be sure to choose finishes that complement each other, such as brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze.

  • ✅ What are some decorative elements that can add character to a transitional kitchen?

    Decorative elements such as a patterned rug, colorful bar stools, or a unique light fixture can add character to a transitional kitchen. Displaying a collection of ceramics or art can also personalize the space.

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