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If space is a major constraint in your house, but you are still dreaming of a closet with all belongings organized neatly, reach-in closets are your best bet. Reach-in closet solutions maximize your storage without eating into your precious square footage, allowing you to achieve a well-organized home with minimal effort. Below are more reasons why a reach-in-closet organizer is a highly efficient storage alternative.

Benefits of Reach-In Closets

Space-saving solution for small rooms:

While walk-in closets are ideal for large mansions, their reach-in counterparts are more suited for homes with limited space, and here’s why:

When it comes to planning a room layout, interior designers tend to make every inch count. Reach-in closets are perfect for doing so as they maximize storage space even in tight corners by making use of the vertical space.

Customizable storage options:

Every home is different, so the cookie-cutter approach will not work in designing the layout of each individual space. Reach-in closets offer flexibility when it comes to design and customizations, meaning you can design them according to your unique storage needs. Our seasoned designers at Alliance Millwork will customize each aspect of your reach-in closet like shelves, drawers, and even hanging rods to ensure yours is  designed just the way you want it to.

Easy access:

You can neatly arrange all your clothes and accessories with the help of reach-in closets. Simply slide or pull the door open and, voilà! All your clothes are organized in such a way that you can run your eyes and pick your outfit without wasting any time. Say goodbye to rummaging through a pile of clothes to find the perfect fit for your day. Moreover, stylish sleek closets can accentuate your room’s decor and make it evermore appealing.

Custom Reach-in Closet Toronto - Alliance Millwork
Closet Organizer Solution Toronto - Alliance Millwork

How We Approach The Design Of Reach-In Closets

Our design team will work closely with you to understand your specific concerns and preferences. Our skilled designers will come up with reach-in closet ideas after putting in thoughtful consideration and understanding your storage woes. Here is how we go about designing reach-in closets.

Assessing storage needs:

This is the first and the most important step in closet design. Without having a proper idea of your storage requirements, it will be impossible to come up with a solution tailored to your specific needs. We will suggest taking inventory of your belongings that you intend to store in the closet, thus giving us a fair idea of your storage requirements.

Maximizing vertical space:

Once we have an idea of your storage needs, we design closets that utilize the vertical space in your rooms. We think vertically when it comes to reach-in closets because vertical organization maximizes storage space even in rooms with limited space. With the help of adjustable shelves, hangers, and rods, we maximize storage capacity and use every inch of height.

Choosing materials and finishes

Our team makes it a point to choose only the best materials and finishes to offer our clients a premium experience. Our cabinets and closets exude class and elegance. Our fine craftsmanship combined with the best materials and finishes turns your home into a luxurious abode. What’s more? Our cabinets and closets are built to last. With minimal care and maintenance, you can expect our reach-in closets to last for many years to come.


Feel free to give us a call and we’ll arrange a free consultation and price estimation. Whether it’s a renovation project, a new home or a condominium, our team will customize your design and adapt it to your needs and budget.

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Roman Itskovich

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  • ✅ What is a reach-in closet?

    The answer is in the name. “Reach-in” closets are the ones where you don’t have to walk in. All you have to do is simply reach in and pick your fit for the day. While walk-in closets are suitable for homes with spacious rooms, reach-in closets are ideal for rooms with limited space. Reach-in closet organizers can be used to sort your clothing and accessories neatly with minimal effort.

  • ✅ What is a good size for reach-in closets?

    A one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to closet and wardrobe design. The answer to this question depends on your particular storage requirements. Consult with our experts at Alliance Millwork to find out what size of a closet would be apt for your specific storage needs.

  • ✅ Is a walk-in or a reach-in closet preferred?

    The answer to this question is simple. Walk-in closets are apt for spacious rooms, while reach-in closets are perfect for rooms with limited space. Reach-in closets can be built against a wall in your bedroom without interfering with other elements of your room’s decor.

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