Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets

Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat CUSTOM Panel kitchens

Flat panel cabinets are common in modern, modular kitchens. The sleek design and clear lines, however, make them perfect for kitchens of all sizes and types. The absence of raised or recessed panels combined with a flawless finish makes flat cabinets easy on the eye and appealing, to say the least. What’s more, the availability of flat panels for kitchen cabinets in different finishes and styles makes them perfect for customized kitchens. Choosing Alliance Millworks for flat kitchen cabinets has several benefits.

Advantages of Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets:


A home with a beautiful kitchen will always have appreciated value in the market. Flat-panel kitchen cabinets are perfect for making any kitchen aesthetically appealing. The simple, uncluttered design creates a sense of elegance and sophistication in any kitchen space. 

Easy maintenance

The absence of tough-to-reach nooks and crannies makes taking care of flat kitchen cabinets relatively easy compared to conventional kitchen cabinets. Ease of maintenance is a crucial factor that influences the decision-making process of homeowners. Having to invest a lot of time and energy in maintenance is a hassle which can be avoided by going with flat cabinets.


Flat kitchen cabinets offer versatility in design, allowing them to seamlessly blend in with various kitchen styles, be they contemporary or traditional. Their understated appearance also provides a perfect backdrop for showcasing other design elements and accessories in your kitchen.


Choosing the Right Material for Flat Panel Cabinets

When it comes to choosing materials for flat cabinets,  there are many options to choose from. Medium-density fibreboard and solid wood, such as oak, maple, and cherry, are all common options preferred by homeowners. Wood veneer and laminates are also options worth considering for your flat cabinets. Choosing the right material depends on several factors like the design of your kitchen and the budget, to mention a few. Consult with our experts at Alliance Millwork to pick the best material for your custom kitchen cabinets.

Installation of Flat Kitchen Cabinets

Installation is a crucial aspect of kitchen cabinet manufacturing. Without the right installation, all the hard work can go in vain and the kitchen cabinet can be significantly damaged. Alliance Millwork’s team of professional installers will ensure that your flat panel cabinets are properly aligned and secured. Opting for DIY installation is not recommended. Imagine all the money and time invested in sourcing custom kitchen cabinets going to waste due to one simple mistake. Our skilled employees are experienced at installing custom kitchen cabinets of all types. Our installation is not only dependable but also seamless and quick.


Feel free to give us a call and we’ll arrange a free consultation and price estimation. Whether it’s a renovation project, a new home or a condominium, our team will customize your design and adapt it to your needs and budget.

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Roman Itskovich

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  • ✅ Are flat panel cabinets more expensive than other cabinet styles?

    The price of flat kitchen cabinets depends on several factors like the materials used and customization options. However, it is safe to say that they are generally more affordable compared to some of the intricate cabinet styles. Our team of experienced design consultants will help you create the kitchen of your dream according to your preferences and budget.

  • ✅ Can I replace the flat panels with glass inserts later on?

    Yes, Thanks to the versatility of flat cabinets, they can be modified to incorporate glass panels with relative ease. Consulting with Alliance Millwork, a professional cabinet maker and installer, will ensure proper handling and installation of the glass panels.

  • ✅ Can I paint or refinish flat panel cabinets?

    Yes, the smooth surface of white flat-panel kitchen cabinets makes it easy for them to be painted or refinished to achieve the look of your choice. It is highly recommended to work with professionals to get the best results.

  • ✅ How do I choose the right hardware for flat panel cabinets?

    Consider the overall style and aesthetic of your kitchen setup while choosing hardware for flat panel cabinets. Since the nature of flat cabinets is in minimalism, it is a smart choice to go with sleek and minimal hardware to accentuate the design of the cabinets.

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