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Kitchen Cabinet Makeover Ideas

kitchen cupboard makeover ideasAn outdated kitchen design can be improved with new kitchen furniture. Any makeover kitchen ideas will be helped by Alliance Millwork. This is a team of qualified professionals who tidy up the appearance of kitchens, improving their functionality. The client can ask for help by offering his design option or by resorting to the advice of the company’s designers. Style, materials, and installation at each site will be implemented taking into account individual characteristics.

Recently, customers often resort to the transformation of their furniture, changing its finish. Depending on what kind of alteration is required, the cost of this process, the materials spent, and the time for this all vary. To perform a high-quality and functional transformation, it is recommended to listen to the opinion of experts and use only the best kitchen makeover ideas.

TOP 7 ideas to redo kitchen cabinets

To bring to life this or that idea for the transformation of the kitchen, you need to understand its features and the duration of the improvement process. If the client is ready to be patient and ennoble the space in the room as much as possible, then even easy kitchen makeover ideas will help him with this. The TOP of most frequently used ideas for transformation includes painting, replacing facades, and moving cabinets.

1. Painting cabinets

One of the most common ways to remodel a kitchen cabinet is to paint it. Such an idea will allow you to choose the color of the headset to match the style of the kitchen, refresh the furniture and get rid of defects on it if any. Preparation for painting is carried out in the following stages:

  • removal of an old covering from a case;
  • cleaning;
  • degreasing;
  • primer;
  • painting with the required number of layers.

Modern environmentally friendly materials allow you to paint cabinets quickly, without odors throughout the room. And they are heat-resistant, so the kitchen facades will last a long time.

kitchen facelift ideas

2. Plywood facades

Many use budget furniture, which is framed with a special thermal film. It gives naturalness to the cabinets and due to this, an easy diy kitchen cabinet makeover hands is possible.

3. Additional storage space

Practical housewives often do not have enough space in the kitchen to store various appliances, appliances, and utensils. When altering cabinets, you can increase the number of storage spaces in them. This is done through additional shelves, which are easier to mount during the repair process or special organizers.

4. Replacing cabinet doors

If the strength and appearance of the cabinet suit the client, but the door from it should be changed for some reason, then it is created to order. The door of the kitchen cabinet will emphasize the overall style of the kitchen, while being practical and of high quality. When changing cabinet doors, you can vary the place for the handle, its size, etc.

5. Shelves instead of cabinets

The modern style of the kitchen may require the use of not only the usually closed cabinets but also open shelves. This method of transformation is suitable for large rooms and decor storage.

kitchen redo ideas

6. Tall cabinets

Instead of multiple wall or floor cabinets, a kitchen style may call for a single ceiling cabinet. This, as a rule, can accommodate small or built-in household appliances, as well as other kitchen appliances.

7. Countertop replacement

In addition to replacing or transforming cabinets, custom luxury kitchens are designed with countertops. This is an integral kitchen element and the main working area for the hostess. Modern materials and apartment kitchen makeover ideas from specialists will allow you to choose a high-quality and practical countertop or fix an existing one.

How can I update my kitchen cabinets without replacing them?

Modern ideas to redo kitchen cabinets involve using existing furniture, but with a new design. Owners often resort to this method, trying to save on repairs. It is also optimal for those who have high-quality furniture, but it needs to be refreshed or get rid of defects. No matter how simple such a repair may seem, it is best when professionals do it. High-quality kitchen cabinet remodeling with a guarantee of long-term operation is promised by Alliance Millwork, a company specializing in the repair and manufacture of kitchen furniture.

The process of transforming kitchen cabinets consists of 7 stages. Of course, the experience of a specialist, an expert’s opinion on the need for certain repair actions, and advice from designers will not interfere. If you plan to do kitchen cabinet makeovers diy or with the help of specialists, it is important to strictly follow the sequence of all repair processes.

modern kitchen makeover ideas

– Disassemble and Label Cabinets

The first step in transforming an existing kitchen cabinet is to disassemble the entire set. In this case, it is necessary to label not only the cabinets themselves but also their components. This will help to properly assemble the cabinet and find a place for it in the kitchen.

– Remove All Hardware

All contents of the cabinet, fixtures, and handles must be removed. So it will be easier to clean each element, if necessary, change the places for fasteners, etc.
best kitchen makeover ideas

– Strip the Finish

Whether it is paint, film, varnish, or other coatings – all this must be removed from the cabinet. This is required to clean the surface of the cabinet as smoothly as possible for applying a new coating. Each of the coatings has its way of removing it (heat or mechanical treatment, exposure to chemicals, etc.).

– Scrape the Cabinet Surface

After removing the old finish, it is important to treat the surface before applying a new one. The cabinet necessarily goes through the stage of degreasing, priming, and puttying. It all depends on the material from which the furniture product is made.

– Paint on the New Finish

As soon as the treated surface dries, it is ready for further manipulations. You can start painting and varnishing. The specialist chooses the number of layers of paint, depending on what color is required at the end and how the base lays on the surface. All the diy kitchen cabinet makeover ideas come down to the fact that the facades or doors are repainted to match the new style of the kitchen.
apartment kitchen makeover ideas

– Install All Hardware

Removed, washed, and prepared fixtures, and handles should be installed back in their places. If this is not possible, then with the help of professional tools it is necessary to think over new places for fasteners.

– Assemble the Cabinets

Upon completion of all work, it is necessary to assemble the cabinets and install them. If the layout of the kitchen changes and its dimensions allow for a rearrangement, then you can identify cabinets in more practical places. If not, then it is important to use the markings that were made when disassembling the cabinets and install them clearly in their old positions.

Easy DIY kitchen cabinet makeover

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a fresh look without breaking the bank, an easy DIY kitchen cabinet makeover can be the perfect solution. With a few simple steps and a bit of creativity, you can transform the appearance of your cabinets and breathe new life into your kitchen.

  • One of the easiest ways to update your kitchen cabinets is by painting them. Choose a color that complements your kitchen’s overall aesthetic and start by removing the cabinet doors and hardware. Clean the surfaces thoroughly and apply a primer to ensure better adhesion. Then, apply your chosen paint color using a brush or roller, making sure to achieve smooth and even coverage. Once the paint is dry, reattach the doors and hardware, and you’ll be amazed at the instant transformation. Adding new hardware, such as handles or knobs, can also make a significant difference and give your cabinets a modern or vintage touch.
  • Another way to give your kitchen cabinets a makeover is by adding a decorative element. Consider using adhesive wallpaper, contact paper, or even fabric to create a unique and eye-catching design. Measure and cut the material to fit the cabinet doors, and then carefully apply it, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles. This simple addition can instantly change the look of your cabinets and add personality to your kitchen. Additionally, you can remove the center panel of a few cabinet doors and replace it with glass or wire mesh, allowing you to display decorative items or create an open-shelf effect.

With these easy DIY kitchen cabinet makeover ideas, you can transform your kitchen without the need for a complete renovation. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy the satisfaction of a refreshed space that reflects your personal style.

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