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How To Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Repairing the kitchen, like in any other room, is a costly, time-consuming process. It depends on what changes the owner needs. The modern kitchen consists of a working area, cabinets, appliances, and a dining area. Alliance Millwork offers services for the manufacture of new, designer furniture for the kitchen, as well as the repair and improvement of the old one. Specialists accumulate cheap kitchen update ideas, guaranteeing the quality and durability of the work performed.

Most often, customers resort to updating the kitchen set or individual cabinets. The cabinet itself is integral, and durable, and changes and repairs require its fastening or doors. It is with the replacement and design of these elements that you can end up with an updated kitchen cabinet. The company also creates custom kitchens, taking into account the requirements, financial possibilities and design ideas of the client.

For many, the easiest way to update kitchen cabinets is to change their exterior finishes. Such a process involves:

  • dismantling and dismantling of the cabinet;
  • cleaning of the old coating;
  • preparation for a new coating;
  • painting, sticking;
  • application of varnish or other material that protects temperature differences;
  • assembly of the cabinet and installation in the required place.

Also, many people use ideas to spruce up kitchen cabinets so that they become as fresh and updated as possible. Any method that is convenient for the customer can be implemented quickly, efficiently, and on a budget by a team of Alliance Millwork specialists.

Among the ways to update kitchen cabinets, most customers choose to paint the facades. This does not require any intervention in the interior of the cabinet, meaning its contents and finishes remain the same. On the outside, the wardrobe completely changes in style, color, and coating. It can be a natural wood finish with lacquering, a colored finish, or a combination of several styles. The exact method of painting is determined jointly with the designer of the company, who will make practical and interesting furniture for the kitchen.

The company offers an update not only to the exterior of kitchen cabinets but also to the contents. In any cabinet, you can change the height of the shelves, add their number or provide built-in organizers. All this is done taking into account the requirements of the customer.

What is the best way to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them?

If a kitchen cabinet update diy is impossible, but repairs are still required, then specialists will help to complete this process. They will do it even with old furniture and comfortable kitchen cabinets familiar to the owner. If the client does not plan to replace kitchen cabinets, but simply wants to transform them, then he can use different ideas for this.

Most often, such ideas include an external change in style. It could be:

  • painting in a new color;
  • varnishing of natural elements;
  • film gluing;
  • replacement of decor and handles.

All these actions make the cabinet more modern, practical, and individual, but do not affect its contents in any way. Often, such an update of old cabinets is used to change the style of the kitchen at no additional cost. When exterior decoration rarely changes the position of the cabinets.

Restain them

The process of preparing old furniture for renovation begins with cleaning. The cabinet must be disassembled, and handles and fasteners are removed from it, which will interfere with painting. Next, the surface is cleaned, degreased, and primed. If the surface is made of natural materials, then sparing means are used and varnishing is used instead of painting with color.

Give them a new coat of paint

Easy cheap kitchen updates are painting cabinets. Depending on the chosen style, the color of the paint is selected. Modern designs recommend the use of pastel, natural tones, which will make the furniture look natural.

The use of bright paint in the design of cabinets makes the kitchen exclusive. This method is often used if it is necessary to focus on the kitchen or its individual components. When painting kitchen cabinets, you should use only high-quality, environmentally friendly material that will be resistant to extreme temperatures and humidity.

Replace hardware

Refurbishing the kitchen cabinet will make it more practical and functional. This process includes the replacement of all components, shelves, and organizers. Such refacing kitchen cabinets is optimal for those who do not need to change the appearance but need to update their insides. It is also possible to combine the repair of equipment and exterior finishes to end up with an updated, functional cabinet without the waiting time for its manufacture.

Add lighting

The lighter the kitchen, the larger it seems. The convenience of all kitchen processes depends on the lighting in the kitchen. Additional lighting is considered a modern way to transform kitchen furniture. It can be a spotlight, ceiling or wall lamps, or built-in lamps in the furniture itself. Although changing the kitchen lighting specifically won’t help, it’s an inexpensive way to update kitchen cabinets and give the room a new look.

Is it cheaper to update or replace kitchen cabinets?

In the process of repairing the kitchen, any person is faced with the issue of making new furniture or updating the existing one. A fundamental factor in the right choice is the cost of repairs. Of course, updating kitchen cabinets, even according to individual requirements and using the highest quality materials, will be cheaper than their manufacture and installation. The direct cost to update kitchen cabinets depends on which method of transformation the client chooses and what materials he prefers to use.

Together with the designers and experts of Alliance Millwork, the customer will be able to choose the appropriate design for the renovation of cabinets and materials for this. The price of services depends on the source, that is, how high-quality and solid are the kitchen cabinets available in the house. If they require minimal finishing, then the entire repair process will be quite cheap. It is best not to make diy kitchen cabinets on a budget but still resorts to the services of specialists. They give a guarantee on all materials, and your furniture will be used for a long time.

The fact that updating old kitchen furniture is cheaper than making a new one does not affect the qualifications of the company’s specialists who do this. They still guarantee a high quality of work and installation services. Within the agreed timeframe, employees of the company with professional equipment go to the site and, most often, are engaged in the transformation of cabinets right on the spot. They also double-check the strength of the fixtures and the design of the cabinet as a whole, to eventually put into operation high-quality furniture.

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